Hear my howl, my lonesome howl that echoes thro the branches of the night


We only see that what we want to see,- hear what we want to hear
Looks can be deceiving, don't trust everything you see, even salt looks like sugar
We are amazing creatures for we all know the answers to our own questions, if something doesn't feel right its wrong then its most def wrong - don't seek revenge leave it upto Fate & let Karma decide
You've just gotta believe, you're stronger than you fort, brightest than the brightest star, wiser than your years and wealthier than the wealthiest king ~ you are unique

Ken is all cherub sees. angel is blind until he comes back to me


The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemy, it always comes from your loved ones or your friends So don't ever believe someone when they promise to never hurt you, just be smart enough to know, no one can keep that promise forever

I want you to know, that I will always be here for you I want you to know, how much I'm hurting inside

There's always that particular someone who cares for you in everything you do

Nothing lasts forever, so if you've held onto something too tight let it go, but if it comes back, then it's meant to be

Its beautiful when two strangers become best friends, but sad when two best friends become strangers

You say you are my best friend, so why do you ignore me? You say you are my best friend, so why have you forgotten me? You say you were my best friend, so why have we become strangers"

 "Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness Silence to appreciate noise Absence to value presence



I will always be here whenever someone needs me ~ I will always be a helping hand or a listening ear ~  I will always be true faithful friend right to the end'  ~Once you've met me, I'm someone you will never forget. And if you want my love, you've gotta respect.. ~ I always see whats true, I can auto-detect  ~ You will never, not ever, regret the day that we met

Don't fall inlove, fall of a bridge it hurts less & don't ever chase ppl cos those that are meant to stay close will never go as they will always stay close

I may be hard to love, difficult to keep and please
but I'm Scorpio and worth your body & Soul
cherub is a fighter, a Warrior and I will never go under
This woman will never give up no matter what gets in my way
Scorpio is mysterious and seductive. Scorpio is beautiful, both inside and out
Scorpio is faithful, can always depend on Scorpio
What you see is what you get & never will you ever forget the day that you met
Soon be addicted to cherub - the angel of Goodness. A female angel who inspires prosperity and integrity

If you follow your heart tonight, you will always be right

'Life's such a mystery
You've just gotta have Faith
Follow your Dreams
Life will become easier
Know your journey
Know your fate
Believe and you will find your Destiny'

I'm not supposed to love you
I'm not supposed to care
I'm not supposed to wonder where you're at or what you do
I'm not supposed to live my life wondering about you
I'm not supposed to live my life wishing you were there
I'm sorry I can't help it I'm so in love with you

My heart yearns you, my eyes only see you & my ears only hear you
Everywhere you go, everywhere you are - you shine
You were my sun, my Knight, my everything
I just wanted to be held close in your arms & never want to let go
I needed you so, you were my inspiration - but I'm lost without you
You are all I want, I pray someday you will come back to me & be
BFF for always & evermore

I know I must forget you & go on, I just can't hold back my tears for too long. Though life won't be the same, I've gotta take the blame, I just needed to find the strength to let you go ~Just walk away & don't even say goodbye, don't turn around I don't want you to see me cry. ~I musn't fall apart or show my broken Heart, or the Love I feel for you.
There will never be one single moment that I would ever ever regret, I've always loved you from the first moment before we even met
But now my Heart is forever broken, my Soul is now void

I will always regret that day I made you walk away, then I stabbed you more with those poisoned words

All I ever wanted was you as a friend but you messed with my emotions

I miss you so much its making me Blue ~ My Heart has now turned as cold as stone ~ I knew our friendship would finally end ~ You were always my devotion

I did fall in love with you, its true ~You were one of the best friends I'd ever knew ~ When you came to my house I knew it was you, but I had to push you away. ~I know I hurt you with those poisoned words. I'm truly sorry I stabbed you, its something I'll always regret

This pain how its hurts me, my eyes they sting me so ~My head is spinning, my Heart torn, my Soul shattered

This pain I have to live with knowing that I could of destroyed you  ~But you got your life and I got mine

Look after yourself, take care, but please always remember ~>

 All I ever needed was you as a friend But I knew good always end

Listen Carefully

Look Carefully and you will see there's Magick all round you

Close your eyes, see & hear with your Soul and you will always find your one&only guide that leads you to your destiny