2. Apr, 2016

Imagine a world that comes to life,a world from your dreams ~ a Mystical place, a Fantasy that comes

If this is what you've always dreamt of but thought 'hey they will never come true' then haven't I have a surprise instore awaiting just for you

Please walk this way, take my hand, listen for a while, for I can show you real magic, but first you have to sit silently & then I will begin

Ensure you are holding on tight! Don't you worry cos, even tho its going too get real bumpy in places, remember that I am here with you at all times

Please enjoy yourself, unwind & relax for a while

You will get to see some of these faraplaces that you never thought possible, I will show you how to get into minds of famous ppl

When you have finished, if you would be so kind, please tell me if you enjoyed. Tell me what you loved the most, I do not even mind if you say what you didn't, but please I'm asking you to be as gentle with me as I was with you, cos after all I am only here doing this for your enjoyment

So what are you waiting for, I'm awaiting for you. I will never make you blue, I will never upset you

Just take a seat, take the worries from your feet and forget about life for a while & just step inside - for you will be glad you came