Follow me my dearest angel, Ken you will love what you see

19. Dec, 2015

'Such emptiness I have felt in all this time lost,
No longer am I hidden from you, or you from me

My eyes burn me so cos how much I love you
My heart is torn how much it aches and aches
but needed to let you know always I say what is true
my feelings for you aren't a mistake
I Yearned for that day when we both at last would meet
You see Ken, I just want to melt into your arms so deep
Just melt into your arms consumed by the raging fire of emotion your embrace never failed to ignite
But I know when we part would ever I recover from my broken heart

You slipped under my skin, invaded my Blood, captured my Heart and seized my Soul
But now you are gone my Soul is void

19. Dec, 2015
19. Dec, 2015

A sad sad tale I tell about a girl I once knew.She had so much love it just grew
& grew.She used to be so happy,she used to be so merry,she used to be so
different.That's the girl I once knew.She got involved with the wrong one.
She should of stayed away. She should of listened to her soul.
Her soul that told her "No".Her soul said "He's not the one.
Damon's not your knight.He's not your Mr Right"
Mr horrible suddenly attacked.She had to learn defence.
She got both angry & very sad,until one day she couldn't take no more.
Wanted it all to stay far,far away.Luckily for her, love was on her side.
Luckily for her, she had Angels guarding her soul. Luckily for her, they willed
her to Live.Luckily for her, she just had more love to give. Luckily for her,
She was a very strong woman. Luckily for her, her love for her children.

She went into herself. No longer did she cry. No longer could he hurt.
She stayed strong, so she couldn't get burnt. But then he went &
stayed away.She knew he'd come crawling back to them again one day.
He did try to come back. But thankfully, she weren't gonna have any of that.
It's not fair, you see to play, hurt and tease the ones you supposed to love,
the ones you supposed to protect for all eternity, for all eternity.
Ten years it took for Angel to realise she was still alive & for the nightmares
to stop.Angel has found calmness after all this time.She has found true
friends to love once more.Angel is stronger than ever and It took Ten whole
years to know she will never fall in love again. She gives love & support to
friends, family & even strangers. But who gives her love?
But who gives her support? No one...

She's learnt to live life again,stronger, but without love.How can one love
without a soul?How can she love when she's broken inside? An inspiration
to friends & even strangers.She wears her heart on her sleeve.
She's forgotten about herself.She was broken inside. She still is broken inside.
Where does she get her strength? Where does she get her energy?
She needs to be held.She needs to be loved. She needs support from
her one & only soul, that's you.
But time is not on her side,it's now or never.Times not on her side,
until they are together.But she's given up on love, as time won't wait.
She's given up on love, so please don't you hesitate?

She's learnt to live life again.She's learnt to live one day at a time.
Angels learnt to live life again.She's learnt to live each day at a time.
Angels given up on love.She's dead inside,she will always be dead inside



Angel believed in fairytales & all dreams come true. She dreamt her prince would carry her away. Angel believed in those tales that it would happen some day & she was hoping her knight would come right away. Angel carried on dreaming knowing her prince was there, she carried on wishing he would suddenly appear. Angel carried on dreaming knowing he would come for her. She carried on wishing he would suddenly be here'

'Angel is still dreaming & it's taken thirty whole years for dreams to come true. ~ Her knight in shining Armour is with Angel.~ Angels prince is with her now to never make her blue ~~ Angels Knight is called Lionel & together they live now in Heaven'

'Lionel knew his plan had worked, he tore poor Angels heart in two.
She forgot who she was & Angel got sad, realised this wasn't her knight
This wasn't her Prince Charming to make everything right'

'All good things come to those that wait, so they say. Knight Errant suddenly came galloping on his horse one day and whisked Angel far far away. He's your Knight in shining Armour, Errant is your Prince that you love more than anything, Lionel is the imposter.'